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ICAO Webinar alert: Learn how iPacks can assist States in implementing SARPs

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Webinar published on ICAO webiste:

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Webinar Alert: Thursday, 25 April 2024 Register for the iPacks webinar

🔵 What are implementation packages (iPacks)?
Implementation packages (iPacks) are a comprehensive solution designed to provide expert consultation, guidance material, and training tools to help States implement ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs).

🔵 How can iPacks support States in their civil aviation plans? 
Leveraging value-driven offerings through iPacks, States can effectively implement ICAO Standard and Recommended Practices (SARPs) to ensure aviation safety, efficiency, security, and sustainability.
  🔵 Are iPacks meant only for States, or can individuals use them too? 
iPacks are specifically created to support States in implementing their civil aviation plans. Various authorities within states, such as CAAs, airlines, and airport authorities, can benefit from iPacks. iPacks provide unrivaled value, with prices starting at only $13,800.

However, ICAO offers a portfolio of training courses for individual learning and growth. Take a look at our training catalog here
  Do you want to learn more about iPacks? Join us on Thursday, 25 April, at 8:00 AM EDT as our subject matter experts speak about the fundamentals and features of these key iPacks: 🔹 Accident/Incident Data Reporting
🔹 National Aviation Safety Plan (implementation)
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Meet our ICAO Experts
Michael Brown
Technical Officer
  Thormodur Thormodsson
Technical Officer,
Accident Investigation
  ​Martin Maurino
Technical Officer,


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