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Droneliner presenta un progetto di maxi-drone cargo da 350 tonnellate

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Articolo pubblicato sul sito: Il Dl350 della società britannica punta a essere impiegato su tratte intercontinentali trasportando container da 20′ DI REDAZIONE AIR CARGO ITALY … Leggi tutto »Droneliner presenta un progetto di maxi-drone cargo da 350 tonnellate

U-space ConOps edition 3.10 Uncrewed Aerial System

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U-space is Europe’s traffic management system for Uncrewed Aerial Systems, also called drones. The CORUS project, 2017 to 2019, produced three editions of the U-space Concept of Operations or ConOps. The third [1] was produced in October 2019. The ConOps explains how U-space works from a user’s point of view. This edition of the ConOps is named 3.10 and differs for three reasons. This edition attempts to meet the needs of Urban Air Mobility, including both goods and passenger air transport in urban areas. The European Union has passed various regulations relating to U-space which have to be taken into account. Research projects have completed details missing in the previous editions which are incorporated (13 Luglio 2022)