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Welcome to the WildLife Strike Dedicated Pages

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The STASA Association has established these pages to address the critical issue of wildlife strikes. Specifically, the Association aims to provide a monthly compilation of the most noteworthy global incidents and an international press review about this matter.

Furthermore, we are committed to incorporating any newly introduced regulations, the most significant articles, conference summaries, and, most notably, technical investigations following accidents and incidents, all of which should constitute an essential part of the professional knowledge base for those in the aviation industry.

Our team of experts will also contribute comments and observations to complement the news updates. STASA’s ultimate objective is to present a comprehensive overview of wildlife strikes and equip individuals with the necessary tools to either prevent or, at the very least, mitigate their impact.

As discerning readers will soon discover, wildlife strikes represent one of the most insidious threats to flight safety and impose substantial financial burdens on airlines. However, STASA’s primary mission is to convey a crucial message: wildlife strikes are not entirely unpredictable.

Starting in October 2023, we are pleased to introduce our new partner, Dr Valter BATTISTONI, who will collaborate alongside Commander Andrea BOMBEN in managing the content of this section of the website.

Dr Valter BATTISTONI, former Director of ENAC and former President of the Bird Strike Committee Italy, has been the driving force behind the website since 2007. This platform houses a wealth of databases and information on the issue of wildlife collisions with aircraft. Given that any new material will be incorporated into STASA’s new pages, the existing website will remain accessible but no longer be updated.